Cartmel Fell hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Cartmel Fell
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:a3f ge f2|dfec dcBA|c2 Bc d2 AB|e2 AB f2 e2|
a3f ge f2|dfec dcBA|c2 Bc d2 AB|e2 dc d4:|
|:f2 df edef|d2 df edBd|AB d2 d2 AB|e2 AB f2 e2|
f2 df edef|d2 df edBd|AB d2 d2 AB|e2 dc d4:|
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Cartmel Fell

I believe this is a Northumbrian Tune, however I’m not sure how I came to know the tune. Does anyone have any information on this tune.

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Cartmell Fell

Cartmel is a village attached to a former Priory in Cumbria, in the lower-lying country to the South of the Lake District and near Morecambe Bay. There appear to be at least two places called Cartmell Fell to its north, and a bit East of Windermere. I dare say they were estates of Cartmell Priory, and got their names for this reason. There’s a c1500 church at one, otherwise I don’t know if these places are villages or hills.

I’ve never heard of any place called Cartmel in Northumbria. Nor has my ever-trusty guide, Wikipedia. It’s an intriguing little tune. The Lakes and their area did have a tradition of their own, and this tune could possibly have come from there.

CARTMEL, not Cartmell…

Sorry, it’s one ‘l’ for Cartmel, not two. That goes for both Cartmel and Cartmel Fell.


There’s a great polka on the Boat Band’s CD "trip to the Lakes"
called Trip to Cartmel
I’ll see if I can get that transcribed … I’ve just had a listen and I’m pretty sure the tunes aren’t related at all.

Cartmel Fell

This tune was written by Jonny Dyer, whilst walking on it in the Lake District. There are a couple of notes different if you look at the original on the website.

There are quite a few tunes on there.

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Cartmel Fell

You can hear the original of this tune on myspace:

It’s the first tune in the track called Cartmel Fell, the second tune on that track is Tigers eye

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