Five recordings of
Fanny Power
Sí Beag Sí Mór

Fanny Power (waltz) is also known as Fainní Ní Poer, Fanny Poer, Fanny Powers, Madame Trench, Mrs Power, Mrs. Fanny Power, Mrs. Trench, Planxty Fanny Power, Planxty Fanny Powers, Planxty Power.

Sí Beag Sí Mór (waltz) is also known as An TSidh Bheag Agus An TSidh Mhor, Shee Beg & Shee Mor, Sheebag Sheemore, Sheebeg & Shemore, Sheebeg And Sheemore, Sheebeg Sheemore, Si Beag Is Si Mhor, Si Beag Si Mhor, Si Beag Si Mor, Si Beag, Si Mor, Si Beg Si Mohr, Si Begh Si Mohr, Si Bheag Si Mhor, Si Bheag, Si Mhor, Si Bheag’s Si Mhor, Sídh Beag Agus Sídh Mór, Sidhe Beag Agus Sidhe Mor, Sidhe Beag, Sidhe Mor, Sighe Beag Sighe Mor, The Small Fairy Fort And The Big Fairy Fort, The Small Fairy, The Big Fairy.

Beyond the Veil by Cath Connelly

  1. Bell Table
  2. Planxty Fanny Power
  3. Si Beag Si Mor

Foinn Seisiun 3 by Ceoltóirí Cultúrlainne

  1. Sí Beag Sí Mór
  2. Fanny Power

Rapture by Peace And Love And Jigs And Reels

  1. Fanny Powers
  2. Si Beag Si Mor

The Chieftains 5 by The Chieftains

  1. Planxty Maguire
  2. Planxty Johnston
  3. Bumper Squire Jones
  4. Sheebeg And Sheemore
  5. Charles O’Conor
  6. Mabel Kelly
  7. Planxty Fanny Powers

The Mullingar Races by Mick Foster and Noel Battle with Moyra Fraser on Piano

  1. Planxty Irwin
  2. Si Beag Si Mhor
  3. Fanny Power