Two recordings of
Fanny Power
Mild Mabel Kelly

Fanny Power (waltz) is also known as Fainní Ní Poer, Fanny Poer, Fanny Powers, Madame Trench, Mrs Power, Mrs. Fanny Power, Mrs. Trench, Planxty Fanny Power, Planxty Fanny Powers, Planxty Power.

Mild Mabel Kelly (waltz) is also known as Mabel Kelly.

In Ireland by James Galway And The Chieftains

  1. Fanny Power
  2. Mabel Kelly
  3. O’Carolan’s Concerto

The Chieftains 5 by The Chieftains

  1. Planxty Fanny Powers
  2. Planxty Maguire
  3. Mabel Kelly
  4. Charles O’Conor
  5. Sheebeg And Sheemore
  6. Bumper Squire Jones
  7. Planxty Johnston