One recording of a tune named
Up Da Stroods
With a tune named
White Houses Of Shieldaig

Up Da Stroods (reel) is also known as Up Da Strood, Up Da Strood Da Sailor Goes, Up Da Stroods Da Sailer Goes, Up Da Stroods Da Sailor Goes, Up Da Stroots, Up Da Strouds Da Sailor Goes.

White Houses Of Shieldaig (reel) is also known as Taighean Geala Shieldaig, Taighean Ghealla Shieldaig, The White Houses Of Shieldaig.

Back & Forth by Jenna Moynihan & Mairi Chaimbeul

  1. Winnie Hayes
  2. Taighean Geala Shieldaig
  3. Up Da Stroods