Creeping Docken jig

Also known as The Creeping Docken, Nollaigh Casey’s.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Creeping Docken
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
EAA AGA|BAB G2 B|cBc A2 G|1 EDD D2 D:|2 EDD D z g||
fdd cdd|edd d2 g|f2 d ged|cAA A2 g|
fga efg|fef d2 B|cBc A2 G|1 EDD D z g:|2 EDD D3||
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X: 2
T: Creeping Docken
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
|:fdd cdd|fdd d2 e|f3 ged|cAA A2g|
fga efg|f3 d2 B|cBc BAG|1 EDD D2e:|2 EDD D2B||
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Creeping Docken

Requested by “Capo”, whom I assume is a guitar player, as the only occasion I’ve ever come across this particular tune is on “McGlynn’s Fancy” by Arty McGlynn. It may be here already under a different title - it’s one of those tunes where you go “I’ve heard that”, but you never remember where.

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I see it’s turned up on another 2 recordings - wonder if they got it from Arty ?

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Kenny you forgot the 2 dots at the end of the 2nd part

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Thanks, protz


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Thanks for the post.

I do play guitar, mandolin, and whistle and have worked up the tune on all three. I learnt the tune from Arty’s recording. I have also heard Chris Newman play it. I was just wondering how common it was. It works well in a set with Connaugtman’s Rambles. Thanks for the post, Kenny.

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Arty McGlynn’s source for this jig was Tommy Loughlin from Dromore, Co.Tyrone, according to the “McGlynn’s Fancy” sleeve notes. Doesn’t say what he played, though.

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Nollaigh Casey’s

Learned this tune recently during a Irish weekend in The Netherlands (Domburg). It feels like a hybrid between a (slow) jig and a march.

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Nollaigh Casey’s Jig is a duplicate..

You are right Kenny. Before entering the tune I checked on the title as wel as the ABC fragment “B3 GED|GED GED” which is very typical for this tune. As I did not find any result, I thought the way was free to enter the tune.
I could not know that “Creeping Docken” has the same fragment with a small difference “BAB GED|GED GED”.
At least it is a new title..

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Hi Henk - sorry about that, but these things happen. It was recorded by her husband Arty McGlynn on his “McGlynn’s Fancy” solo recording many years ago. She must have forgotten the title. It does remind me a bit of “Connie The Soldier”, which may be the original tune, but that’s speculation on my part.
Perhaps Jeremy could “migrate” your setting over as a variant of the “Creeping Docken” I posted. All the best.

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