Skipton Road polka

By Gordon Tyrell

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One setting

X: 1
T: Skipton Road
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
d/e/|:fd ed|fA A/B/d|e>d e>d|fa fe|
fd ed|fA A/B/d|e>d e>f|ed d2:|
d/f/a ag/a/|ea da|=cg g/f/e/d/|=ce Ae|
d/f/a ag/a/|ea da|=c>d e>f|ed d2:|
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Three comments

Skipton Road

The first of two unusual polkas composed by a great singer, guitarist and flute player from Leeds, Gordon Tyrell. He recorded these on a solo album in the 1980s, played on piccollo, but I haven’t since come across anyone who knows them.One prominent contributer to this site seems to have the opinion that we shouldn’t share tunes at all by posting them on the internet. My counter argument would be if it wasn’t for the "Session" tunes such as these could disappear altogether, and that would be a shame.
Thanks due to "ceolachan" for checking my dodgy transcriptions of polkas. I’ll post the 2nd one tomorrow.

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Skip-a-ton Road…

Had to straighten out the back-half of measures 3 and 7 of the tune and measure 7 of the turn to straight eighths (crochets?)-
| e>d ed |, | e>d ef | and | =c>d ef |, but that seemed to give it just the right ‘skip’! Great tune!


Gordon also has 2 CDs of flute tunes out for Dave Mallinson. According to those, his name is spelt Tyrrall. I don’t think they’ve been posted here yet, but I will do that soon.

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