Girls Will You Take Him? reel

Also known as A Chailini An Togfadh Sibh E?, Girls Will You Take Him ?, Girls, Will You Take Him ?, Girls, Will You Take Him?.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Girls Will You Take Him?
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
|:D3 E FGAF|D2 AF GECE|D3 E FGAB|1 cAdB cAGE:|2 cAdB cAGB||
Add^c dfed|AcBd cAGB|Adde fded|cAdB cAGE|
Add^c dfed|AcBd cdeg|agef ({a}g)fed|cAdB ({d}c)AGE||

Three comments

A little peach, waiting to be plucked (or bowed, or squeezed, etc.)

I found this fine litlle D mix single reel (once again) while thumbing through O’Neill’s (1,001…I’ve decided that the “yellow book” is sh*te, save maybe for the slow airs section). Granted this one has bits of other well-known D mix tunes in its melody, but it’s nice anyway. Maybe a nice replacement if you’re
sick of Jenny Picking Cockles, The Colliers, Etc. On a side note, I seem not to be getting many responses to my tune posts- anybody out there?

“…ody out there?”, “…out there?”, “…ere?” 😀
Come on, I see good comments on your posts…
BTW, you still have to change “Tommy People’s” to “Don’t touch that green Linnet”, to make it easier to search…

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Re: Girls Will You Take Him?

Well done, “jaychoons” for finding this one. Maybe the first tune in “O’Neill’s 1001” which hasn’t linked to any of the recordings here in 7 years until I posted the CD by Anne Girard Esposito here a few days ago. I certainly hadn’t ever heard it before, but will be learning it soon.
I used Anne’s recording to open our radio programme on Wednesday. If anyone wants to hear an exceptional bit of flute playing of this fairly obscure reel, you can hear it on the first 3 mins of the programme by following this link :

The track is available to listen to for the next 5 days.

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