The Scattered polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Scattered
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:Bc/B/ GB|EG BG|A/B/A/F/ AF|dF AD|
Bc/B/ GB|EG BG|AF/A/ dA/d/|1 fe e/f/d/c/:|2 fe e/f/g/a/||
|:be/B/ ge|be/B/ e/d/e/f/|af/d/ af/d/|e/d/e/f/ af|
be/B/ ge|be/B/ ge|ce/c/ Bg/B/|1 df/d/ e/f/g/a/:|2 Ae AE||
|:c/A/E/c/ Ae|c/A/E/c/ AB/c/|d/B/G/d/ Bg|d/B/G/d/ Bd|
c/A/E/c/ Ae|c/A/E/c/ Ac|BG/B/ dB/d/|ad gd:|
K: Dmaj
|:cA/c/ Ec|Gc Ec|dA/d/ Fd|Dd Fd|
cA/c/ Ec|Gc Ec|dA/d/ fd/f/|ad dA:|
K: Dmix
|:de/f/ af|df/d/ ce/c/|GA/B/ dB|ce/c/ df/e/|
de/f/ af|df/d/ ce/c/|CD/C/ B,/C/E/G/|FD DA:|
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Three comments

Exercise for fiddlers…

This was penned by a need I’ve had: work on the main difficulties that can be found with polkas, played on the fiddle. I wanted to obtain something useful, in that special bowing which mostly goes up and down on each beat. The melody is what it is, even if I tried my best to create something pleasant to the ear , but that was not the main goal. It was rather: ‘If I can play this one correctly, I shouldn’t be surprised too much by most of the others’. Tunes that inspired me for creating this exercise (and which gave me hard times) were The Spare Leg, An Gallope, The Tolka Polka, Ger the Rigger, The Killavil Postman, The Murroe, things like that…
Played slowly at the start, and by trying to keep the bow’s c on the quarter note, it had some liberating power on my perception of polkas.
I hope it has any pedagogic value, even if I wanted to fight fire with fire. 🙂

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… not the "bow’s c", but the "aternation of the bow". If it’s the good way to tell it.

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Precisions: the sixteenth notes are placed in the ‘harder way’ on the fiddle, with string changings for just one of them -for example. There are also bridges (4th part), and triplets on two strings.

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