The Drunkard’s Path hornpipe

Also known as The Drunkards Path.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Drunkard's Path
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3DEF|:G2B>G (3DGB (3def|g>g f>g c>a B>g|A>f G>e F>d (3d^cd|(3efg f>e (3ded (3cBA|
G2B>G (3DGB (3def|g>b a>f g>d ^c>d|c>a B>g A>f d>c|(3Bcd A>F G2 (3DEF:|
|:G>DG>B G>Bd>B|d>gd>g b>gb>d'|c'>d'b>c' a>bg>d|(3efg f>e d>c A>F|
G>DG>B G>Bd>B|d>gd>g b>gb>d'|^c'>d' =c'>a f>d c>A|(3Bcd A>F G2 (3DEF:|

Four comments

THis delightful quirky tune was written by Grey Larsen, and played on the 1976 landmark ’Banish Misfortune" album with Malcolm Dalgish

He plays it on concertina, and it’s ideally suited to the instrument.

This is cooool…
But it goes too high for me. 🙁

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Drunkard’s Path

I didn’t like it then, and I don’t like it now: it’s a very awkward and graceless tune.

Gee…. thanks Dulcie22. But maybe you need to dig deeper.