Six recordings of
Up Against The Buachaláns
The New Mown Meadows

Up Against The Buachaláns (reel) is also known as Ballinure Rake, Early Breakfast, The Knocknagree, Miss Lyon’s, Miss Lyon’s Fancy, Noel Hill’s, Over The Hill, Sonny Brogan’s, Sonny Brogan’s Favourite, Sunny Brogan’s Favourite, Thar An GCnoc, Up Against The Bachelon, Up Against The Bauchalawns, Up Against The Boughalauns, Up Against The Buachalauns, Up Against The Buachalawns, Up Against The Buachalláns, Up Against The Buchalawns.

The New Mown Meadows (reel) is also known as Joe Mháire Mhicilín, The New Mown Meadow, The New-Mown Meadow, The New-Mown Meadows, The Newly Mown Meadow, The Newly Mown Meadows, The Old Silver Spear, Threepenny Bit.

A Tribute To Andy McGann by Joe Burke, Brian Conway And Felix Dolan

  1. Miss Lyon’s Fancy
  2. The New-Mown Meadow

An Mileoidean Scaoilte by Johnny Connolly

  1. Up Against The Buachalawns
  2. The New Mown Meadows

Cronan by Garamharc

  1. Up Against The Buchalawns
  2. The New Mown Meadows
  3. Garrett Barry’s

First Steps by The Jig Is Up!

  1. Sonny’s Mazourka
  2. Miss Lyon’s
  3. New Mown Meadows

I gCnoc na Grai by Noel Hill & Tony MacMahon

  1. Up Against The Bauchalawns
  2. The New Mown Meadow

Mysterious Ireland by Various Artists

  1. Up Against The Buchalawns
  2. The New Mown Meadow