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One setting

X: 1
T: Finore
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:"Em" E2ED EFGA|"G" B2BG "D"ABcd|"Am" eg~g2 afge|
"C" d2cA "D" dcAF|"Em" GE~E2 G3A|"G" BcBG"D" ABcd|
"Am" ecdB c/B/A B/A/G|1 "C" EFGA "B" BAGD:|2 "C" EFGA "D" BAA2||
|:"Am" ae~e2 aege|"D" d2cA dcAf|"G" g3f gedB|
"Em" DEGA BAab|"F" c'3b agde|"Em" d2cA "F"dcA2|
"D" ABcd eEED|1 "Em" EFGE"D" BAA2:|2 "Am"EFGA"B" BAGA||E2||

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Source: Moving Hearts_The Storm
Composer: Davy Spillane
Transcription: Giam Marco Pietrasanta

Rhythm: SLOW reel

Damn nice tune this. I love the slide up to the high Cnat in the B part.

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Just wondering….

Is this tune named for the lovely wee seaside town in Clare? (the transliterated spelling is Fanore but I was curious…)

in the moving hearts version this reel is played everynote higher. so this score is wrong…technically. but it is corrected by shifting every note up one.

agus beannacht

the notation is a whole tone lower then the recording… lovely tune tho

just remembered I commented on this 3 years ago! god that was a while back - i must remember to never leave comments hungover… my appologies


Any kind person out there could help me in finding chords for this lovely tune?

Many thanks!


Thanks to Gian Marco, solved the matter!

Re: Finore

it’s very likely that it was written or composed in the key that is presented. Davy probably played in a low in the recording as he was playing with a saxaphone, which is easier on the sax player.



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Re: Finore

I added the chords following a request

Re: Finore

Thanks 🙏 very much for the chords Gian so kind of you
A gorgeous tune.
Just on the transposition thing
Moving Hearts do Bass Clarinet (in Bb) intro which would make it a tone out ..I think they use F whistle in Bb to follow