Ongo Bucharesti reel

Also known as Onga Bucharest.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Ongo Bucharesti
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:"D"a3f gfed|faaf gfed|"A7"cdef geag|1 fgaf gfed:|2 (3faf (3efe "D"defg||
|:"D"a3f gfed|faaf gfed|"A7"cdef geag|1 fgaf gfed:|2 (3faf (3efe "D"d2ed||
|:"A7"cdef geag|"D"fAdf gfed|"A7"cdef geag|"D"feed "(Db/F)"=f2"(D/F#)"^f2|
"A7"ABcd efge|"D"fAdf efge|"A"a2a^g a=gfe|1 "A7"cdef gfed:|2 "A7" fdec d2"F#7"_B2||
|:"Bm"[F4B4][F4B4]|[F4d4][F4d4]|[F4B4f4] [F2B2f2][F2d2]|[F2B2]BA B2|
Bdfb ^abaf|^abfd e/f/e dB|a^ggf =f2^fd|=fg ^f3 e d/e/f|
fadf~e2d2|fadf~e2d2|"F#7"feed dccB|cd "Bm"(B2B4):|

Two comments

Ongo Bucharesti

from “How the West was Won” by DeDannan.
Most of this tune had been posted before (see comments on “Jewish Reel(s)”/ “Shepard’s Dream” )
composed by New York mandolin/clarinettplayer Andy Statman
who also wrote “Flatbush Waltz” (and of course many other tunes)
Transcribed by Paul Kinsella, Wojtek Jurgiel & me.
I played this with some polish musicians two years ago and just noticed that the complete tune was never posted.
For my polish friends this was an “easy one”, having more of the klezmer/bluegrass feel they were used to.