Conal’s reel

Also known as Conal Ó Gráda’s.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Conal's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:FG|Adfe dA3|FAdA gfed|(3Bcd ed cA3|GAce gece|
d2fe dA3|FAdA gfed|(3Bcd ed cABc|dfec d2:|
|:d'c'|b2ba bagd|B2Bc defg|a2a^g agfd|A2AB =cAFA|
GABd g2ag|FAde f2fd|ecef gece|1 defg a2:|2 dfec d2||
X: 2
T: Conal's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:FG|A2fe d~ A3|FAdA gfed|cded c~A3|GAce gece|
d2fe d~A3|FAdA gfed|cded cABc|1 dgfe d2:|2 dfecd2||
|:d'c'|b2ba bagd|~B3c defg|~a3b agfd|A^GAB =cAFA|
~G2(3Bcd g2AG|FAde fafd|~e3f gece|defg ac' d'c'|
b2ba bagd|~B3c d2(3 efg|a2ag agfd|A^GAB =cAFA|
GG (3Bcd g2AG|FAde fafd|~e3f gece|d2 fed2||

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The second tune of the opening set on Aoife Granville’s cd, "Sráid Eoin Shuffle". It is played in the set after the Charlie Lennon composition, "A Parcel of Land", and before, "The Dublin Lads". In her sleeve notes she tells us she, "learned the second from the inimitable Conal Ó Gráda from Cúil Aodha". Aoife thought me this tune in her Scoil Éigse class at Fleadh Cheol na hÉireann an Tullach Mhór, 2008, where she entitled it, "Conal O Gráda’s Reel".


I hope the ABC notationing is correct!! If not, please inform!!


I heard Conal play this at the Willie Clancy week a few years ago. I’m pretty sure that Dermot Byrne recorded it and called it "Winston In The 50s" - possibly from Cape Breton.

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Dermot Byrne’s sleeve notes only say that he learned the tune from the playing of Jerry Holland. You might consider changing the title, "Cian O".

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conal told me (albeit years ago) he learned this from the late micheál ó riabhaigh and thought it had american origins..i must ask him again about it. didn’t beoga record it as well? i’m not sure what info they had in its regards….


Might I have a recording of you playing it on stage at a Willie Clancy week flute/whistle recital a few years ago, Aoife ?

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That wasn’t a request, but a query 🙂

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Oh yeah, you probably do kenny! i’d say i played it alright…better getting learning a few more tunes before this miltown!!

Ballyvourney ?

Might be seeing you in Ballyvourney in a few weeks time 🙂

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Conal’s, X:2

This is my best transcription of Aiofe Granville’s recording:
There are a few differences from the previous setting that I can hear:
* She adds a number of rolls
* She plays measures 3&4 of the B differently, with different use of the accidentals
* Her playing of B1 and B2 are different enough that I wrote them out separately.
* Actually, Aiofe mostly leaves out (and takes a breath on) the 4th note of measure 2 of the A, giving an effect I like. But I left it in because she plays it once, and instruments not saddled with breath control may want to play it.

There are additional flourishes and variations the second time she plays through that I couldn’t even capture in one clean sheet of music, so my best advice is to grab her CD and give it a good listen.