One recording of
Black Pat
Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire

Black Pat (reel) is also known as Black Pat’s.

Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire (reel) is also known as Brearton’s, Brereton’s, The California Girl, California Girls, The California Girls, Carmel Mahoney, Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire, Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire’s, Carmel Mahoney’s, Carmel O’Mahoney Mulhaire, Carmel O’Mahoney Mulhaire’s, Mahoney’s, Mahoney’s Fancy, O’Mahoney’s, O’Mahoney’s Fancy.

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  1. Martin’s Grove
  2. Carmel O’Mahoney Mulhaire’s
  3. Black Pat’s
  4. Follow Me Up