Ketchup On The Kilt reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Ketchup On The Kilt
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:c2 BA ABcA|dcde g2 fa|c2 BA ABcA|(3GGG AcBG (3GGG|
c2 BA ABcA|dcde g2 fa|gefd ecdB|(3GGG BG A2 A2:|
|:a2 ea cAeA|(3GGG BcdB (3GGG|a2 ea cAeA|(3GGG Bcd2 cB|
a2 ea cAeA|(3GGG BcdB (3GGG|afge fdec|Bcdc BG (3GGG:|
|:cded cA (3AAA|Bcdc BG (3GGG|cded ceAe|(3GGG Bc d2 cB:|
|:a2 eacA (3AAA|g2 dgdA (3GGG|a2 ea caef|gfgd BA (3GGG:|
|:a2 eacA (3AAA|gfgd BA (3GGG|afge fded|Bcdc BG (3GGG:|

One comment

“Ketchup on the Kilt” : by David M. Gardner

This tune is intended to be played as a Quickstep. Try using alot of open string double stops to make it sound like a pipe march. Even though it is a quickstep don’t go too fast.

The name of this tune came out of a conversation with Amy Girimont, who apparently got Ketchup on her kilt at the Southern Maryland Highland Games. The phrase “Ketchup on the kilt” just sounded like a great tune title. Of course it needed to be a quickstep! I mean really, else would you react to such a clothing disaster!

Enjoy the tune,

David Gardner