Bourrée D’Absinthe polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Bourrée D'Absinthe
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|: G2 F2 | G E2 B | c>B AG | B>A GF |
G2 F2 | G E2 B | A>G FG | E4 :|
|: e2 ^de | B2 ^AB | c>B AG | B>A GF |
e2 ^de | B2 ^AB | c>B AG | F4 :|

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Who is full of wormwood?

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Two Times Bourrée


What’s this doing here? It’s a (nice though) centre France tune (bourrée à deux temps).

cheers! to be honest, there are lots of other random, non-Irish, tunes on this site, so why not add some more?
I wrote this one.

"Why not add some more"

I direct you, sir, to the FAQs, which state:

"Can I submit my own compositions?
Well… The Session isn’t really intended for that. If you do post one of your own compositions, then you must do your "penance", so to speak, by balancing each original composition with about five trad tunes."

Now, it’s a guideline of course, but even posting 6 trad tunes does not then oblige you to submit your own compositon, particularly a "random, non-Irish" tune on an Irish tunes site.

3 years later ~ never too late eh Smash? 😀 Worse that initially the plopped their little inspiration down here and couldn’t bother to say anything about it until a month later, and they still haven’t taken responsibility for it. Sheesh! 😀

"I wrote this one." ~ fynnjamin

Oh! They did. I missed that. 😀 I need to uncross my eyes…and get some sleep…

If you’d seen their attempts at commenting on the 37 recordings posted (that was my project today) then you’d understand that at least claiming responsibility a month a later is better than usual!

" ~ a month a later is better than usual!" Yes, I do know what you mean… 😛

fynnjamin has left quite a trail of un-information haven’t they? 😛