Twenty-eight recordings of An Raibh Tú Ag An GCarraig?

Also known as An Bhfaca Tú Mo Bhalantine?, An Carraig An Aifrinn, An Raibh Tú Ag An GCarraig, An Raibh Tu An GCarraig?, An Raibh Tú Ar An GCarraig?, Ar Raibh Tu Ag An GCarraig, Have You Been At Carrick?, Have You Seen My Valentine?, Were You At The Rock, Were You At The Rock?.

  1. A Tune For The Road by Éalú
  2. Ace And Deuce by Ace And Deuce
  3. All Ireland Whistling Champion At Boyle by Tom McHale
  4. Celtic Fiddle - 60 Traditional Favourites by Levine Andrade, Kieran Barry & Mike Stanley
  5. Celtic Meditation Music by Áine Minogue
  6. Echoes Of Erin 2012 by Various Artists
  7. Eistigh Seal by Matt Cranitch
  8. First Through The Gate by Brian Conway
  9. Irish To Be Sure by The McPeake Family
  10. Ón Dá Thaobh / From Both Sides by Niamh Ni Charra
  11. Raining Up by Mairead Nesbitt
  12. Rogha Órdha by Various Artists
  13. Sligo Fiddle (Disk 2) by John Vesey
  14. Sounds From The Edge : Traditional Irish Tunes On The Boehm Flute : CD 2 by Tom Greene
  15. Stormy Weather by Beginish
  16. Sweetwood by Liam Kelly
  17. The Breeze From Erin by Various Artists
  18. The Chieftains 3 by The Chieftains
  19. The Irish Way by Robert MacGowran
  20. The Last House In Ballymakea by Junior Crehan
  21. The Liffey Banks by Tommy Potts
  22. The Roseland Barndance by North Cregg
  23. The Rowsome Tradition: Five Generations Of Uileann Piping by Kevin Rowsome
  24. The Star Above The Garter by Denis Murphy And Julia Clifford
  25. The Tailor’s Choice by Joe Burke
  26. The Wynd You Know by Ronan Browne
  27. Wallop The Spot by Patrick D’Arcy
  28. World Library Of Folk And Primitive Music, Vol. 2, Ireland by Various Artists