Two recordings of a tune named
The Boy In The Boat
With a tune named
Toss The Feathers

The Boy In The Boat (reel) is also known as An Buachaill Sa Mbád, The Little Boy In The Boat.

Toss The Feathers (reel) is also known as Croith Na Cleití, Killian’s, Martin Roachford’s, Scaipeadh Na GCleití, Shank’s Mare, Shanks Mare, Toss The Feathers #1.

Jam by Elderberries

  1. Torn Jacket
  2. Boy In The Boat
  3. Toss The Feathers

Seán McGuire and Roger Sherlock with Josephine Keegan: At Their Best by Sean McGuire, Roger Sherlock, Josephine Keegan

  1. The Boy In The Boat
  2. Toss The Feathers