Two recordings of a tune named
The Old Hag Of Galway
With a tune named
My Maryanne

The Old Hag Of Galway (reel) is also known as Achill Sound, The Ballina Lass, The Ballina Lasses, The Green Meadows, The Hag’s, In To The Room I Want You, Johnnie When I Die, Burry Me In Kerry, Johnny When I Die, Johnny When You Die, Johnny’s Gone To France, The Maids Of Galway, The Mayo Lassies, The Old Maid Of Galway, Paddy Gone To France, Paddy’s Gone To France, Traynor’s Rambles, The Turf House.

My Maryanne (reel) is also known as The Boys Of Galway, My Marianne, My Mary Anne, My Mary-Anne, My Maryann.

As I Carelessly Did Stray... by Harry Bradley

  1. The Old Maids Of Galway
  2. My Mary Anne

Note for Note by Mary Mac Namara

  1. Old Maids Of Galway
  2. My Mary Anne
  3. Kitty In The Lane