The Goatherd And The Shepherd jig

Also known as The Goatherd.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Goatherd And The Shepherd
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:cAA cAA|BGG BdB|cAA cAA|cAA efe|
cAA cAA|BGG BdB|cec dcB|~A3 ~a3 :|
|:cAA eAe|BGG BdB|cAA eAe|cAA efe|
cAA eAe|BGG BdB||cec dcB|1 ~A3 ~a3 :|2 ~A3 ~a2|]
|:e|fed c2A|cec ~d2e|fed c2A|cee efg|
fed c2A|cee ~g3|agf ~g2e|fdd ~d2:|
|:e|fdd add|ecc ~g2e|fdd add|fdd ~a2g|
fdd add|ecc ~g2e|agf ~g2e|fdd ~d2:|

Six comments

As played …

By Back of the Moon.

composer known? or is it a trad.?
and is it: one tune with several parts (the last one doesn’t seem to belong there) or two tunes in a set; The Goatherd + The Shepherd?

It is listed on the Back of the Moon CD as being trad. It also is not 2 tunes. It is one tune called The Goatherd & the Shepherd.

I don’t know about the veracity of the ABCs however. They may very well be right. I will have a listen to the CD when I get the chance and see how I hear it.

One tune

It’s one tune and it’s trad - no known composer. First published without a title in Patrick MacDonald’s Highland Vocal Airs (c. 1784), then taken into the GHB repertoire and published many times, with variants of the present title and different details in the music from one version to another.

I first heard this tune (almost as written here) by Angus Grant. It’s on his LP ‘Highland Fiddle’ released by Topic in 1978. He follows it with ‘The Curlew’ and a grand set it makes.

Oh and by the way, Angus Grant calls it just ‘The Goatherd’