Carmarthen hornpipe

Also known as Carmarthenshire, The Carmarthenshire, Pibddawns Caerfyrddin, Pibddawns Sir Gar, Pibddawns Sirgar.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Carmarthen
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|a2 g>f e>d a>A|B>c d2 f2d|
|:(3ABc|d>f e>d c>A B>c|d>c d>e f>e f>g|(3agf (3gfe d>f e>d|1 c2 [a2c2][a2c2]:|2 c2 f2 d2||
|:[A2e2]|[A4e4] cA e2|f>g e>f d>e c>d|B2 c>d e>f g>e|A>a a>e A2 d>c|
B>G E>c d>B G>d|e>c A>e f>d B>a|g>f e>d a>A B>c|d2 f2 d2:|
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Two comments

In Welsh - Pibddawns Caerfyrddin.
roughly pronounced:- peebthounce Kire vurthin
both “dd”s should be sounded , as “th” as in, ‘then’.

Great tune just flows off the fiddlers fingers.
Heard it duetted by Sian Phillips &Julie Higginson so I hope that ABC is near enough.

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Re: Carmarthenshire Hornpipe - Pibddawns Sir Gar

I like the written version in Siân Phillips’ book Welsh Fiddle Tunes, 97 Traditional Pieces for Violin
Edited and Arranged by Siân Phillips, as part of the Schott World Music series.

Pibddawns is the Welsh for Hornpipe and Sir Gar is Carmarthenshire….Hornpipe of Carmarthenshire