John McKenna’s jig

Also known as John McKenna’s.

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Leitrim Equation

This tune is the first on the Leitrim Equation album. I understand John McKenna used to play this tune sandwiched in between the other jig called McKenna’s on this database (aka Up Leitrim). On the album Kevin plays this with a bit of breath pulse on the Bs and plenty of rolls and cranns on the B part. Good stuff!


I think you have left out the ‘|’ where a barline is supposed to appear - i’d change it before the sheetmusic is put up, otherwise there will just be a string of notes.


You’re right samburnstone. Sorry about that. I suppose Jeremy corrected it-thanks. BTW, forgot to mention that when repeating A part can play:

| GBd edg :|| and play the | GBd e2d | when going into B part.

This tune is quite different from Black Rogue. While the transcriptions and intervals look a little similar the two tunes sound very different because of where the notes fall relative to the tonic. You could not possibly mistake one for the other in a session.

Someone did put an ABC very close to Up Leitrim in the Black Rogue comments but I suspect it’s a variant of Up Leitrim recorded under the wrong name.

Link to tunes with similar contours at the Tickle Her Leg With The Barley Straw / Get Up Old Woman And Shake Yourself / Mind Your Leg Of The Train Maid Anne complex: