One recording of a tune named
With a tune named
Connie The Soldier

McKenna’s (jig) is also known as John McKenna’s.

Connie The Soldier (jig) is also known as An Ghaoth Aniar Aneas, An Ghaoth Aniar-Aneas, The Battle Of Fontenoy, Bolen’s Fancy, The Boy In His Pants, Connie The Soldier, John McKenna’s No. 1, McKenna’s, McKenna’s Jigs, Muing Fhliuch, The Old Firm, Peter Lee’s, The Pullet That Wants A Cock, The Pullet That Wants The Cock, The Pullet Wants A Cock, The Pullet, The Southwest Wind, The Westmeath.

@Home Alone by John Lavelle

  1. Connie The Soldier
  2. McKenna’s
  3. Clancy’s