With Her Tocher What A Lassie reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: With Her Tocher What A Lassie
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
~d2 fd adfd|~A2 ce gece|~d2 fd adfd|fage fddA|
~d2 fd adfd|~A2 ce gece|~d2 fd adfd|fage fddg|
aece Aece|aece fBBg|aece Aece|dfed cAAg|
aece Aece|aece fBBg|afge fdec|dgBg aA A2|]

Two comments

As played by Allan MacDonald in the Highland Sessions

Brilliant tune accompanied by Stephen Cooney, Mary Ann Kennedy, Triona Ni Domhnaill, Mick O’Brian, Iain & Alan MacDonald, and Rona Lightfoot. It is played at the end of this video:


Re: With Her Tocher What A Lassie

With Birmingham reasonably close and Alan McDonald the source of this entry I thought I’d give this untitled tune a bash. Liking it I’ve played it for a couple of years or so now as an easy reel with a bit of something to it. Having just acquired the Lowland and Border Pipers Society CD release "Reclaimed" I was surprised to hear the tune appear in a set by Fin Moore where it was noted with the above title. Given Fin and Alan’s obvious associations and the LBPS position as a preeminent source of information on all things Pipey up there I’ve no hesitation in offering this title as the appropriate and historic one. A "tocher", according to the notes of the CD track listing, Is a Scots’ Gaelic word that refers to the dowry of a bride to be. Fin plays it following a variation set version of the William Dixon manuscript tune "Over the Dyke and Till Her Laddie". You’ll have to get the book yerself if you want to know what that means!