Jimmy Giblin’s reel

Also known as Brian Rooney’s, Mrs Flanagan.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Jimmy Giblin's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:FA A2 d2 ef|g2 fg edBA|FA A2 defe|dBAF EFDE|
FA A2 d2 ef|gefd edBA|FA A2 defe|dBAF EF D2:|
|:fgaf d2 ef|g2 fg edBd|fgaf d2 ef|gefd edBd|
fgaf d2 ef|gefd edBA|FA A2 defe|dBAF EF D2:|
# Added by JACKB .
X: 2
T: Jimmy Giblin's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
DFAB d2 ef|g2 fa edBd|DFAB dfed|dBAF E2 D2:|
faaf d3 f|g2 fa edBd|faaf d3 f|gafg e3 g|
faaf d3 f|g2 fa edBd|DFAB dfed|dBAF E2 D2:|

Six comments

Nice one. Plenty of scope for variations with this tune.

Jimmy Giblin’s (reel)

I’ve been listening to Johnny McGreevey’s and Joe Shannon’s album ‘The Noonday Feast’ recently, and this reel struck me.

I have now noticed that it’s in Ceol Rince na h’Eireann Vol.3, where Breathnach has notated it slightly differently, so I’ll try to change the ABCs. (I had c sharps where he has Bs - he’s right!).

Best setting of this tune

This tune is better known in sessions today in a more stripped-down setting known as "Gorman’s," the name on Matt Molloy and Sean Keane’s "Contentment is Wealth" LP and other recordings. "Jimmy Giblin’s" is a better Sligo-style fiddle/flute setting, and is pretty much the way that Paddy Reynolds played it in NYC. Breandan Breathnach transcribed the tune from Johnny McGreevey’s playing on "Noonday Feast" and included it in Ceol Rince na hEireann vol III as no. 118

Re: Jimmy Giblin’s

Just came here after hearing the tune on The Noonday Feast. Good transcription, but I hear Jimmy McGreevy playing the first few notes as DEFA d and not DFAB d. Makes quite a difference. Brian Rooney plays the phrase as DEFA, too, on The Godfather (where it is named Brian Rooney’s, first tune on track 7).

Re: Mrs Flanagan

On his album, "The Godfather", Brian Rooney plays a setting of this reel, and it’s titled, "Brian Rooney’s".