The Knackers Of Narin reel

Also known as The Knacker From Navan, The Knackers Of Nairn, The Knackers Of Navan, McMahon’s Fancy, Nackers Of Navan.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Knackers Of Narin
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
D2 F2 A2 d2|DF F2 AFEF|D2 F2 A2 de|fded BAFE|
D2 F2 A2 d2|DF F2 AFEF|D2 F2 A2 de|fded BAFA|
B2 BF A2 FA|B2 BF AFEF|B2 BF AB de|fded BAFA|
B2 BF A2 FA|B2 BF AFEF|B2 BF AB de|fded BdAF|
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The Knackers Of Narin

From “The Pleasures Of Hope” CD by Harry Bradley and Michael Clarkson, which you should all have by now. Who could resist a title like that? This is a basic transcription, because as you would expect with 2 flute players of this standard, there are a lot of subtle variations going on throughout this performance. In case anyone was wondering who Narin was, the sleeve notes say :
This is “a flute version of a reel that came from a recording that Peter Kennedy made of John Doherty in 1952. Doherty initially introduces the tune as ”The Knockers Of Navan“. The sound of this name provokes an audible embarrassed bemusement among the assembly. When John Doherty refashions the ”Knockers“ to be ”Knackers“ the grunts of agreement and reassurance are as audible as the previous reaction.This tune’s title may tell as much about sociolinguistic sensibilities over the past half-century as it does about the reel itself. The Navan in question may well really be a corruption of the name of Narin in Donegal”.
Makes a great flute tune.

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Navan is in County Meath