Three recordings of
The Highlands Of Banffshire
Carnie’s Canter

The Highlands Of Banffshire (strathspey) is also known as The Braes Of Banffshire, Braigh Bhanbh, The Highland Of Banffshire.

Carnie’s Canter (reel) is also known as Carney’s Canter, Carnie Canter’s, Carnie’s Cantor, Carnies Canter, Carnies’ Center.

Cape Breton Girl by Natalie MacMaster

  1. Mr. Martin’s Compliments To Dr. Keith MacDonald
  2. The Highlands Of Banffshire
  3. Carnie’s Canter
  4. Alex Sandy Skinner
  5. Easter Elchies
  6. Cameronian Rant
  7. Dan Galby

Cape Breton Tradition by Buddy MacMaster

  1. Silverwells
  2. The Lass O’Corrie Mill
  3. The Duchess Of Buccleuch
  4. The Highlands Of Banffshire
  5. Carnie’s Canter

Roaming Free by Colin MacLeod And Rory Sinclair

  1. John Roy Lyall
  2. Braigh Bhanbh
  3. Carnie’s Canter