The Midnight Ramble slide

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Midnight Ramble
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
E | D2G B2G B2c B3 | D2G B2G A3 G2E |
D2G B2G B2c B3 | d2e dBG A3 G2 :|
z | g2f e2f g2e d3 | g2f e2f g3 a3 |
b2a g2f e2f g2e | d2e dBG A3 G2 :|

Six comments

The Midnight Ramble (slide)

Oops - seems to be called The Midnight RAMBLE - sorry about that.

I play The Midnight Rambler on slide guitar!

This seems to be a highland fling/schottische that has had its swing diverted for use as a slide. Not the first such diversion of this form, though more often they’re flattened out to a reel… 😉

Here’s taking just the basics of Nigel’s transcription there ~

K: Gmaj
|: E/ |\
D>GB>G B>c B2 | D>GB>G A2 G>E |
D>GB>G B>c B2 | d>e (3dBG A2 G3/ :|
|: z/ |\
g>fe>f g>e d2 | g>fe>f g2 a2 |
b>ag>f e>fg>e | d>e (3dBG A2 G3/ :|

But those last two bars of the B-part are more likely a second ending. I’ll add a highland fling/schottische take on this later, with a links between it and this…