Winyadepla polka

Also known as Faider’s Tön, Winjadepla, Wynadebla, Wynadepla.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Winyadepla
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:G/A/|B2 d>G|B2 B>A|B/c/d- d>G|E2- E>D|
B2 d>G|B2- B>A|Bc dB|1 A3:|2 G3||
|:d/c/|B<G G2|eg d>g|eg dg|B<G G>c|
[1 B<G G2|eg d>g|e/f/g/e/ dB|A3:|
[2 ef g>f|g/f/e dB|A2 B/c/d|A3||
X: 2
T: Winyadepla
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
ce/A/ cc/A/|cA/A/ F>A|ce/A/ cc/A/|c/d/e/c/ B>B:|
c/A/ (3A/A/A/ f/a/e/a/|f/a/e/d/ c/A/ (3A/A/A/|c/A/ (3A/A/A/ f/a/e/a/|f/a/e/c/ B>B|
c/A/ (3A/A/A/ f/a/e/a/|f/a/e/d/ c/A/ (3A/A/A/|f/g/b/g/ a/f/e/c/|{A}B2 B>A||

Four comments

“Winyadepla” / “Faider’s Tön” ~ a trowie tön/tune 😉

“Da Merrie Dancers: A Book of Shetland Fiddle Tunes”
Compiled and edited by Tom Anderson & Tom Georgeson
Published by ~ The Shetland Folk Society, 1970
ISBN: 0-948276-02-9

page 13 ~ in A Major, with story

Other dots & ABCs ~

~ including the story from the book “Da Merrie Dancers”

Re: Winyadepla

Tom Anderson recorded a vigorous version of Wynadepla on The Silver Bow (1976) with Aly Bain, Trevor Hunter and David Tulloch. They play it in A with grace notes in the first part and snaps in the second.
The notes to the record say this trowie tune originated in Fetlar (East of Yell & South of Unst if that’s any help!).

Seven years ago I researched Shetland tunes for a gig and I came across this interesting piece of scholarship from Craig Mishler;
In 1993 he published a book about Athapaskan fiddlers (viz.; The Gwich’in of Yukon & Alaska) called The Crooked Stove Pipe.
The Gwich‘in have a community dance called K’ooniit‘aii ch’aadzaa (The handkerchief dance) and the tune they play for it, he reckons, is a version of Wynadepla (The Hudson Bay Company was active in the area and employed Shetland men).
Mishler’s book includes a score of what seems like a rather distant echo of the Fetlar tune (perhaps only the first part).
It is possible to have a peep at the dance on youtube as well.

Re: Winyadepla

There is a duplicate of this tune at:
with a slightly diffetent version, culled from Karlheinz Frank’ collection “Schottische Lieder und Balladen”.