Suil Eile reel

By Martin Tourish

Also known as TG4 Advertisement Theme.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Suil Eile
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
eA A2 A2 Bd|eA A2 ABGd|eA A2 A2 ga|g3 a gedg|
eA A2 A2 Bd|eA A2 ABGd|eA A2 A2 ga|b3 a g2 fg||
eg a2 a2 eg|a3 (a a)gef|g3 (g g2) ag|b3 a gedg:|
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Two comments

Tune Context

This tune is posted in response to a request from a discussion here. I wrote it for a TV add campaign for TG4 based on the theme The More You Look, The More you See.

A few points about the tune:

On the request of the director, I modeled the A part on a reel recorded by the Bothy Band - the title of which now escapes me but you may hear some similarities. The opening motif is quite similar to many tunes.

It was intended to be melodically very simple to accommodate a fast tempo, unusual B part rhythm, lots of ornamentation and to be easily remembered which is why it doesn’t really work at a slower tempo.

It was written in a higher range also to avoid frequency clashes with the pub sound added into the mix for the scene. However, in live performance, I generally alternate between playing it in the lower and higher octaves - it needs every bit of diversity it can take!

Martin Tourish.

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Re: Suil Eile

Sounds a bit like it might have been inspired by the Bothy Band playing the Flowers of Redhill