Three recordings of a tune named
Love At The Endings
With a tune named
Tom Ward’s Downfall

Love At The Endings (reel) is also known as An Grá Ar Deireadh Thiar Thall, Head O’Cabbage, Love At Its Endings, Love At The Ending, Moina’s.

Tom Ward’s Downfall (reel) is also known as Follow Me Down To Carlow, The Long Hills Of Mourne, Mountains Of Mourne, The Mountains Of Mourne, Mourne Mountains, The Mourne Mountains, O’Leary’s, Tom Wall’s Downfall, Tom Ward’s Downfall.

Live At Winkles by The Lahawns with Andrew Mac Namara

  1. Tempest Selection
  2. Love at the Endings
  3. Tom Ward’s Downfall

Live in Lorient by Doolin'

  1. Green Mountain
  2. The Reconciliation
  3. Love At The Endings
  4. Tom Ward’s Downfall

Popcorn Behaviour by Doolin'

  1. The Tempest
  2. Love At The Endings
  3. Tom Ward’s Downfall