Westland reel

By Dáithí Sproule

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Westland
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
|:DFAd f2 gf|eccd e2 {fe}de|fdAG FGAB|ce d/c/B c2 Bc|
DFAd f2 gf|eccd ecde|fdAG F/E/D EC|D/E/F EF D4:|
|:cdef d2 Gd|AB c/B/A BGED|CEAB D^FAd|BGA^F GABG|cdef d2 Gd|
AB c/B/A BGED|AB c/B/A BG E/^F/G|1 A/B/c Bc A4:|2 A/B/c Bc A3 e||
|:a/g/f ed cBAG|FABc EABc|GBde cgfe|dfaf cege|
fedc BGAB|cdef d2 Gd|AB c/B/A BGED|AB c/B/A BG E/^F/G|A/B/c Bc A4:|
X: 2
T: Westland
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
|:"Dm"DFAd "F"f2 gf|"C"eccd e2 {fe}de|"Dm"fdAG "F"FGAB|"C"ce "G"d/c/B "C"c2 "G"Bc|
"Dm"DFAd "F"f2 gf|"C"eccd ecde|"Dm"fdAG F/E/D "C"EC|"Dm"D/E/F "C"EF "Dm"D4:|
|:"C"cdef "G"d2 Gd|"Am"AB c/B/A "Em7"BGED|"Am"CEAB "DMaj"D^FAd|"G"BG"D"A^F "G"GABG|
"C"cdef "G"d2 Gd|"Am"AB c/B/A "Em7"BGED|"Am" AB c/B/A "Em"BG E/^F/G|1 "Am"A/B/c "G"Bc "Am"A4:|2 "Am"A/B/c "G"Bc "Am"A3 e||
|:"Am"a/g/f ed "C"cBAG|"F"FABc "Am"EABc|"Em7"GBde "C"cgfe|"Dm"dfaf "C"cege|
"F"fedc "G"BGAB|"C"cdef "G"d2 Gd|"Am"AB c/B/A "Em7"BGED|"Am"AB c/B/A "Em"BG E/^F/G|"Am"A/B/c "G"Bc "Am"A4:|

Two comments


This is the version as played on Trian II

With some chord suggestions

Daithe plays arpeggiated chords throughout so I just made my best effort to find chords that meshed with the recording. For the Em7, a regular Em chord will suffice for DADGAD guitar. Or you could play an open Em chord with the high D string left open. I think it’s nice to get the E in the bass so I would use a barred E chord though and ignore the 7. It’s there to tell you you could optionally use a G major (an Em7 minus the root).

|: “Dm”DFAd “F”f2 gf | “C”eccd e2 {fe}de | “Dm”fdAG “F”FGAB | “C”ce “G”d/2c/2B “C”c2 “G”Bc |
“Dm”DFAd “F”f2 gf | “C”eccd ecde | “Dm”fdAG F/2E/2D “C”EC | “Dm”D/2E/2F “C”EF “Dm”D4 :|
|: “C”cdef “G”d2 Gd | “Am”AB c/2B/2A “Em7”BGED| “Am”CEAB “DMaj”D^FAd | “G”BG“D”A^F “G”GABG |
“C”cdef “G”d2 Gd | “Am”AB c/2B/2A “Em7”BGED | “Am” AB c/2B/2A “Em”BG E/2^F/2G |[1 “Am”A/2B/2c “G”Bc “Am”A4 :|[2 “Am”A/2B/2c “G”Bc “Am”A3 e||
|: “Am”a/2g/2f ed “C”cBAG | “F”FABc “Am”EABc | “Em7”GBde “C”cgfe | “Dm”dfaf “C”cege |
“F”fedc “G”BGAB | “C”cdef “G”d2 Gd | “Am”AB c/2B/2A “Em7”BGED | “Am”AB c/2B/2A “Em”BG E/2^F/2G | “Am”A/2B/2c “G”Bc “Am”A4 :|