One recording of
Setting Sail
O Cabalo Azul

Setting Sail (jig) is also known as Muiñeira De Freixido.

O Cabalo Azul (jig) is also known as The Blue Horse Muiñeira, The Blue Horse Muñeira, The Blue Horse, Galician Muiñeira, Muiñeira Da Ponte De San Paio, Muiñeira De Pontesampaio, Muiñeira Do Cabalo Azul, Muineira O Cabalo Azul, Muiñeiras De Cabalo Azul, Muñeira De Cabalo Azul, Muneira De Pontesampaio, Muñeira Do Cabalo Azul, Muneira O Cabalo Azul, Muniera De San Paio.

Ports of Call by Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas

  1. Muniera De Freixido
  2. Muniera De San Paio
  3. Muniera Do Areal