Three recordings of
The Lasses Of Stewarton
Miss Gordon Of Fochabers

The Lasses Of Stewarton (reel) is also known as Lassies Of Stewarton, The Lassies Of Stewarton.

Miss Gordon Of Fochabers (strathspey) is also known as Angus Allen And Dan J’s, Miss Gordon, Miss Gordon Fochaber, Miss Gordon Of Fochaber’s, Miss Gordon’s, Miss Gordon’s - Fochabers, Miss Gordon’s Of Fochabar, Miss Gordon’s Strathspey Of Fochabers, Miss Gordon’s Strathspey- Fochabers.

Cape Breton Girl by Natalie MacMaster

  1. The Fir Tree
  2. Miss Gordon’s Of Fochabar
  3. Lady Muir MacKenzie
  4. The Lasses Of Stewarton
  5. Mrs. Norman MacKeigan

In Jig Time! by Brenda Stubbert

  1. Memories Of Russell Fraser
  2. Goose Cove
  3. Miss Gordon’s
  4. Jenny’s Nettles
  5. The Lasses Of Stewarton

Traditional Music From Cape Breton by Various Artists

  1. O’er The Moor Among The Heather
  2. The Laddie With The Plaiddie
  3. Miss Gordon’s
  4. Athole Brose
  5. Lady Muir MacKenzie
  6. The Lasses Of Stewarton