The Bonny Braes Of Elcho reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Bonny Braes Of Elcho
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A|f>g fa gfed|f>g fa B3A|f>g fa gfed|c/d/e/f/ gc d3:|
|:e/f/|gAgA fAfd|c/d/e/f/ gf f2 ee/f/|gAgA f/A/f/A/fd|c/d/e/f/ gc d3:|

Six comments

Bonnie Braes of Eicho

I heard this smallpipe tune on pipeline and really liked it.
Composed by Matt Seattle, it is a slow march rather than a reel. The recording had seconds to it and sounded great.

Bonnie Braes of Elcho

Are you sure it’s not ELCHO, Geoff?

Elcho it is.

I blame Gary Wests’ strong scottish accent on Pipeline, for that mistake.
Having found various Burns’ references to Lord Elcho, I will bow to Nigels local knowledge (and because he put a complimentary post on my website guestbook).
Thanks for the correction.


I did not compose The Bonny Braes of Elcho (official spelling). It is composed by my good friend Julian Goodacre, with whom I share the same birthday but not birthyear.

We are The Same Person in the Real World where We Are All The Same Person, but in the everyday world we are not the same person.

Julian’s tune is an Air (not a Reel or March). The title refers to Elcho Street Brae in Peebles where Julian has his pipe-making workshop.

I presume that the version played on Pipeline, which I didn’t hear, is the one from Julian’s very recent CD ‘Some Of Me Pipes, Some Of Me Tunes, Some Of Me Friends’. I did compose the harmony I play with Julian on the track. I was delighted to be asked to record it, and I’m pleased you think it sounded great!

Thanks Matt - what would we do without the good readers of correct mistakes.
Full title corrected - Yes it was that cd on Pipeline, and I only repeated what I heard.

It must be the ultimate accolade when people hear one of your tunes and like it that much, they want to write it down and play it themselves. Nice one Julian.

Bonnie braes of Elcho

You can hear Matt and Julian play the tune on Julian;s website

You can hear another version this one for three pipes, on Bag Up Yer troubles;

or at least you should, but we’re moving the site due to bandwidth problems so it’s not there at the moment - come back in a cuple of days!