Days Around Lahinch reel

By Kevin Crawford

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One setting

X: 1
T: Days Around Lahinch
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
FA|:d2BA FE~E2|(3FEDFA dfed|d2BA FE~E2|FABA FE~E2|
B2AG FE~E2|(3FEDFA dfed|d2BA FE~E2|FAEA D3A:|
|:DEFA d3f|edef dBAF|DEFA dfed|B2AF FEFE|DEFA d3f|
edef dBAe|edef dBAF|1 EAGE EDAF:|2 EAGE EDFA||

One comment

This tune is a gorgeous slow reel written by Kevin Crawford, and played by Kevin with Cillian Vallely on low F whistles accompanied by Paul Meehan on guitar from their recent album, “On Common Ground.”

The story behind the set this tune is in as from the liner notes of the CD-
“Two reels in memory of great friend and flute player, PJ Crotty, who died in January 2005. PJ came from the remote village of Moyasta, famous for traditional music and the West Clare Railway. He emigrated to London in 1969 and was a founding member of the band Le Cheile. In 1979, PJ returned to Co. Clare with his wife Angela and settled in Lahinch with daughters Fiona and Roisin. It was around this time that I first heard PJ’s playing and was instantly hooked on his sweet lyrical West Clare style. Over the years, he became a major influence in my musical development and a great friend too.”