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O’Keefe’s (slide) is also known as The Clog, Jim Keeffe’s, Jim O’Keeffe’s, Keefe’s, Keeffe’s, O’Keeffe’s, O’Keeffe’s No 1, O’Keeffe’s No. 1, Pádraig O’Keeffe’s.

Bowna (slide) is also known as Abhanbláth, The Annablaha, The Barna, The Bowna, Bridgie The Weaver, Bridgie The Weaver’s, Brosna, The Brosna, Kiskeam, Rain A Sup, Rain-A-Sup.

Irish Traditional Mandoline Ó Life Go Laoi by Fiontán Ó Meachair

  1. Brosna
  2. Cuil Aodha
  3. Keefe’s