The Braes Of Castle Grant march

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Braes Of Castle Grant
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:e/>d/|cB/<A/ e/>A/c/<e/|a/>A/a/>g/ f/>e/f/<a/|c/>B/c/<f/ e/>A/c/<a/|B/>A/B/<c/ Be/>d/|
cB/<A/ e/>A/c/<e/|a/>A/a/>g/ f/>e/f/<a/|A/>B/c/<a/ c/<e/B/>c/|AA/<A/ A:|
c/<e/|aa/>e/ f/>e/c/<e/|d/<f/f/<a/ e/>A/c/<a/|A/>a/g/<a/ e/>A/c/<a/|B/>A/B/<c/ Bc/<e/|
aa/>e/ f/>e/c/<e/|d/<f/f/<a/ e/>A/c/<a/|A/>B/c/<a/ c/<e/B/>c/|AA/<A/ Ac/<e/|
aa/>e/ f/>e/c/<e/|d/<f/f/<a/ e/>A/c/<a/|A/>a/g/<a/ e/>A/c/<a/|B/>A/B/<c/ B/<a/e/>d/|
cB/<A/ e/>A/c/<e/|a/>A/a/>g/ f/>e/f/<a/|A/>B/c/<a/ c/<e/B/>c/|AA/<A/ A|
|:e/>d/|c/>d/c/<B/ A/>B/c/<e/|f/>g/a/>g/ f/>e/f/<a/|c/>d/c/>B/ A/>e/c/<A/|B/>A/B/<c/ Be/>d/|
c/>d/c/<B/ A/>B/c/<e/|f/>g/a/>g/ f/>e/f/<a/|A/>B/c/<a/ c/<e/B/>c/|AA/<A/ A:|
c/<e/|aa/>e/ f/>e/c/<e/|f/>e/f/>d/ c/<e/a/>c/|A/>d/f/>d/ c/>d/e/>c/|B/>A/B/<c/ Bc/<e/|
aa/>e/ f/>e/c/<e/|f/>e/f/>d/ c/<e/a/>c/|A/>B/c/<a/ c/<e/B/>c/|AA/<A/ Ac/<e/|
aa/>e/ f/>e/c/<e/|f/>e/f/>d/ c/<e/a/>c/|A/>d/f/>d/ c/>d/e/>c/|B/>A/B/<c/ B/<a/e/>d/|
c/>d/c/<B/ A/>B/c/<e/|f/>g/a/>g/ f/>e/f/<a/|A/>B/c/<a/ c/<e/B/>c/|AA/<A/ A2||

Five comments

The Braes of Castle Grant

A Scottish 2/4 march composed by Duncan MacDonald and P/M GS MacLennan. I believe that MacLennan wrote the 2nd and 3rd parts.

I was initially surprised that this was not already on here as it is a lovely tune but then it came to putting it into ABCs - a headache to say the least, particularly given the default note length on this site of 1/8. It is really a shame that I apparently have nothing better to do on a Saturday night, and Halloween to boot!!

It is a lovely tune though and the 4th part would have to be my favourite.

Being a pipe tune you could play it with G naturals but most people would play it with the G#s as it sounds so much better. Speaking to a couple of fiddler friends of mine a few years ago one said that this was one of the few pipe tunes that he would play G#s on.

Why the hell is this classed as a polka?

it is classed as a polka because there is no option to choose ‘march’ as a tune type when submitting a tune.

since polkas and marches share the same time signature of 2/4, i would say that submitting this tune as a polka was the right thing to do.

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