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  • Re: The Jig Of Slurs

    That fifth part is just weird and moves around the modes too much. I've never heard it played, ever. G.S. certainly would never have composed it, what with its C nats and G sharps.

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  • Re: West Fork Gals

    Found this on a search for the tune on Google. Two of the fiddlers at our Old Time jam played it last night. Thanks for the link to the Doug Van Gundy site :) and also the sheet music.

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  • The Jig Of Slurs, X:8

    Hey Kenny, sorry it's 3 years late, but here's C's X:2 setting from above, with the fifth part tacked on. I don't think I had it from John Doonan though; I wouldn't be at all surprised to be told that I must have heard it on the solitary scottish dance ba...

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  • Re: Tico Tico

    thank you Steve Owen, great version!

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  • Re: McShane’s Rambles

    Thank you Stiamh. I really didn't expect such precise information. I did my own searches and came up with relatively nothing. I'll try to find and acquire your sources.

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