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  • Re: McShane’s Rambles

    The tune came from Packie Manus Byrne. Lucy Farr got it from their mutual friend, Sharon Creasey, who started the work of recording and collecting Packie's tunes. Sharon later passed on her recorded material to me, which Jean Duval and I eventually publis...

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  • Re: The Sail-Maker’s Wife

    According to Niamh Ni Charra in the sleeve notes of her album 'Happy Out', "it is apparently a Co. Louth tune from a chant or working song".

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  • McShane’s Rambles

    I Found this on a Grey Larson instructional recording which lead me to the Lucy Farr version. Grey must have gotten it from her because it nearly identical. The harmony makes me think it's a very old tune. The opening phrase has my ear thinking it's in G ...

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  • Bäcken

    A traditional Swedish polska.

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  • Re: Gan Ainm

    Not too different from "Cad é sin do'n té sin" either:

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