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  • Angie Forregan Of Abriachan

    Composed by John Somerville from Feis Rois

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  • Paddy On The Rocks

    This is a great traditional sounding jig from the master flute player Noel Sweeney. Noel has written many fantastic tunes. This has been recently recorded in a set on the album Luckpenny - by Thomas McElvogue and Karen Tweed

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  • John Brennan’s, X:6

    Just adding Dr. Dow's version into an official setting. I think it's most like the version Martin Hayes plays on his recent quartet album.

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  • Re: Cnocán An Teampaill

    Note that Cnocán An Teampaill is also a clear relation of the Hag at the Churn:

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  • Re: Auntie Em’s

    you're living in the past sir! but I mean it in a good way :) another thing which could be useful is a generic BPM mark = is it a realtively relaxed waltz or a more played like an up tempo tune? thanks! oh, maybe a friend in one of those gigs\sessions co...

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