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  • My Love In The Morning

    This slide is based on the playing of the Four Star Trio. It bears comparison with the jig "This is My Love, Do You Like Her" , but is sufficiently different to warrant a different entry. All of the 31 versions of that tune...

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  • Re: The Green Gates

    Liz Carrol's rendition from 1986

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  • Re: The Glenties

    Harry Bradley, Bad turns and Horseshoe bends, I cant believe his version hasn't been posted here yet. I think its the best version of this tune. Here it is now, well over due.

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  • The Glenties, X:13

    Harry Bradley: Francie Mooneys, Bad turns and Horseshoe Bends

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  • The Night We Made The Match

    Tune #863 in O'Neill's 1001. I changed the key/mode to A mixolydian due to the strong A major to G major feel of both parts, though the second part avoids natural Gs. The G# in bar 4 is my change -- I felt it flowed best into the high A that follows, and ...

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