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  • Grier’s #16

    This hornpipe was among the hundreds of tunes in the Stephen Grier Collection digitised by ITMA in collaboration with the current custodian of the Stephen Grier Collection, Hugh Maguire, and published online by ITMA in 2019 - see

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  • The Banks of The ILEN, X:4

    The version taught and played by Co. Cork fiddler, Seamus Creagh, who lived not far from the west Cork market town of Skibbereen, through which the tidal River Ilen flows.

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  • The Tax Max Mazurkas II, X:2

    Transposed to D for convenience. I use this and play on an F whistle to play in the original key.

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  • The Tax Max Mazurkas II

    Second tune of the Tax Max Mazurkas set. I couldn't find any name for it so I've just named it The Tax Max Mazurkas II.

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  • The Woodcock, X:7

    Fiddler Seamus Creagh, who lived near Skibbereen in Co. Cork, played a variation on the B part that is just different enough I thought it worth including. Having first heard this bright and playful melody from his playing, it was the B part in particular ...

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