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  • Re: Jacky Tar

    I learned this three part version of Jacky Tar from the playing of the late Tony Cuffe.

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  • Re: The Trip To Athlone

    Here's a quick blast of The Trip To Athlone on mandolin:

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  • Re: Mrs Martha Knowles

    I thought it might be of passing interest to know that Mrs Knowles was John and Phil's granny. She lived on Bingham Road in Edinburgh. I only know this because she was a neighbour of my granny, who lived in the next close.

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  • The Gaelic Club, X:5

    Version of Nathan Gourley, Joey Abarta and Owen Marshall

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  • Pur The Orangutan

    A punchy reel composed by former Battlefield Band fiddler John McCusker. He first recorded it in his second solo album « Yella Hoose » in 2000 (backed by Ian Carr on the guitar). Then we can hear him play this nice scottish tune on the live album he r...

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