Popular tunes

You can also see which tunes have been recorded most often.
  1. The Irish Washerwoman jig in 1,694 tunebooks
  2. Inisheer waltz in 1,655 tunebooks
  3. The Wise Maid reel in 1,619 tunebooks
  4. John Ryan’s polka in 1,573 tunebooks
  5. Miss McLeod’s reel in 1,568 tunebooks
  6. The Pigeon On The Gate reel in 1,549 tunebooks
  7. The Road To Lisdoonvarna slide in 1,516 tunebooks
  8. A Fig For A Kiss slip jig in 1,494 tunebooks
  9. My Darling Asleep jig in 1,482 tunebooks
  10. The Blackthorn Stick jig in 1,480 tunebooks

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