Popular tunes

You can also see which tunes have been recorded most often.
  1. Drowsy Maggie reel in 5,615 tunebooks
  2. The Kesh jig in 5,196 tunebooks
  3. Cooley’s reel in 4,516 tunebooks
  4. The Butterfly slip jig in 4,450 tunebooks
  5. Morrison’s jig in 4,056 tunebooks
  6. The Silver Spear reel in 3,437 tunebooks
  7. The Maid Behind The Bar reel in 3,294 tunebooks
  8. The Banshee reel in 3,170 tunebooks
  9. Banish Misfortune jig in 3,115 tunebooks
  10. Out On The Ocean jig in 2,877 tunebooks

Popular jigs, reels, slip jigs, hornpipes, polkas, slides, waltzes, barndances, strathspeys, three-twos, mazurkas, marches.