Searching reels for “Earl's Chair”

  1. The Earl’s Chair reel
  2. The Fiddler’s Chair reel
  3. Earl Of Breadalbane’s Hermitage (Earl Of Breadalbane) reel
  4. The Earl Of Dalkeith’s reel
  5. Earl Of Lauderdale reel
  6. The Earl Of Hyndford reel
  7. The Earl Of Dalhousie’s Happy Return To Scotland reel
  8. The Grey Chair (The Green Mountain) reel
  9. Earl Mitten’s Breakdown (Mitton’s Breakdown) reel
  10. A Howie Tune, Alexander Dawn, Miss Johnson Pitworth, Miss Johnson Of Pitsworth, Mrs. Johnson Of Pitsworth, The Earl Of Dirleton (Miss Johnson Of Pitworth) reel