Searching reels for “Farewell to Ireland”

  1. Farewell To Ireland reel
  2. Greetings To Ireland (Greeting To Ireland) reel
  3. The Banks Of Ireland (The Bank Of Ireland) reel
  4. Farewell To Éire (Farewell To Erin) reel
  5. Elzig’s Farewell (Elzic’s Farewell) reel
  6. Burn’s Farewell (Burns’ Farewell) reel
  7. Farewell To Choill Rua (Farewell To Cailroe) reel
  8. A Farewell Chernobyl (Farewell To Chernobyl) reel
  9. Darby’s Farewell (Darby’s Farewell To London) reel
  10. Jerome’s Farewell (Jerome’s Farewell To Gibraltar) reel