Searching reels for “Green Gates”

  1. The Green Gate (The Green Gates) reel
  2. Keegan’s (The Gates Of Mullagh) reel
  3. The Green Groves (The Green Groves Of Erin) reel
  4. The Grey Chair (The Green Mountain) reel
  5. An Ciarraíocht (The Green Fields Of Rossbeigh) reel
  6. The Green Feilds Of Glentown (The Green Fields Of Glentown) reel
  7. Garranta Glasa Mheiriceá (The Green Fields Of America) reel
  8. Cailín An Eadai Deas (The Green Gowned Lass) reel
  9. The Bunch Of Green Rushes reel
  10. An Gealban-Lion Glas (The Green Linnet) reel