Searching jigs for “I buried my wife and danced on her grave”

  1. I Buried My Wife And Danced On Her Grave (I Buried My Love) jig
  2. Hoop Her And Gird Her (Hit Her Between The Legs) jig
  3. We Danced All Night jig
  4. So Sweet Her Look So Soft Her Air jig
  5. Kiss Her An Clap Her (Kiss Her And Clap Her) jig
  6. The Weaver And His Wife (The Weaver His Wife) jig
  7. Kiss My Love And Her Apron On jig
  8. The Hen And All Her Broth (An Chearc Ar Fad Is An tAnraith) jig
  9. The Sail-Maker’s Wife (The Sail Maker’s Wife) jig
  10. The Sailor’s Wife (New Shields) jig